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  • Spotlight On: Animal-Assisted Therapy Teams October 19, 2017
    Language English October 19, 2017Emily.GoodmanAn animal-assisted therapy team consists of a person called a handler and a therapy dog, both trained to provide healing interactions with patients.
  • I Reject the Notion I'm on a Cancer Journey October 17, 2017
    Language English October 17, 2017robertharrisonSurvivor and patient advocate Robert Harrison discusses how his metastatic prostate cancer is just one part of his life’s journey.
  • Donating Biospecimens for Cancer Research: An Expert FAQ October 12, 2017
    Language English October 12, 2017Cathy.Meade.Clement.GwedeDid you know that scientists can use samples from our bodies to learn more about cancer and how to treat it? These samples are called biospecimens, and people can donate them to help make progress in cancer research regardless of whether they have cancer.
  • ¿Está preparado para la temporada de gripe? October 10, 2017
    Language Spanish October 10, 2017Stacy.MartinLa gripe puede causar graves problemas en las personas con cáncer. Protéjase con una vacuna antigripal anual.
  • Cancer, Bills, and Insurance: 4 Ways to Stay Organized October 5, 2017
    Language English October 5, 2017nicole.van.hoeyPeople with cancer have to keep track of lots of financial paperwork. Having a plan in place to stay organized and find help can reduce the stress.