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  • How to Cope with Cancer Through Volunteering December 14, 2017
    Language English December 14, 2017Terri.WinghamIn this Voices on Cancer post, patient advocate and breast cancer survivor Terri Wingham talks about giving back to the community after cancer.
  • Traveling with Holiday Foods? How to Avoid Foodborne Illness December 12, 2017
    Language English December 12, 2017Janice.López-MuñozThe holiday season is here. If you’re traveling with food this winter, you’ll need these food safety tips to ensure that everyone can have a happy and healthy holiday.
  • Immunotherapy, Supportive Care, and Global Care: 2017 in Review December 7, 2017
    Language English December 7, 2017lidia.schapiraIn this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira reviews highlights of 2017 in the world of cancer treatment and care.
  • Beyond the Treatment Plan: 3 Things to Consider After a Cancer Diagnosis December 5, 2017
    Language English December 5, cancer diagnosis is stressful, and the discussion of the treatment plan starts quickly. But a cancer diagnosis affects everything and involves more than just the treatment plan. Here are 3 things to consider.
  • Did You Know that Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Mouth? November 30, 2017
    Language English November 30, 2017Stephen.SonisThe mouth is a complex body part, and cancer treatment can affect it. Here are some tips for oral hygiene and keeping your mouth healthy before and during treatment.