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  • What You Need to Know about HPV and Cancer December 1, 2016
    Language English December 1, 2016gregguthrieIn this podcast, Dr. Howard Bailey talks about what HPV is, how HPV infection increases the risk of cancer, and why vaccination is important.
  • Can Acupuncture Help Relieve Cancer Pain and Other Side Effects? November 29, 2016
    Language English November 29, 2016Scott.LingAcupuncture continues to grow in popularity, but is this form of traditional Chinese medicine safe and effective during and after cancer treatment? Dr. Scott Ling writes about what it is and how it is used to manage symptoms for people with cancer.
  • Can Personal Tech and Social Media Improve Cancer Care? November 28, 2016
    Language English November 28, 2016fischetalIn this podcast from the ASCO Educational Book, Drs. Michael Fisch, Melissa Accordino, and Arlene Chung discuss how social media, electronic health records, and wearable technology can improve cancer care for patients.
  • Oncology Advanced Practitioners Help Provide the Best Cancer Care November 22, 2016
    Language English November 22, 2016Wendy.VogelIn this podcast, nurse practitioner Wendy Vogel discusses the role of oncology advanced practitioners in cancer care.
  • 1 Simple Step to Prevent Flu Complications All Winter November 17, 2016
    Language English November 17, 2016nicole.van.hoeyFor cancer survivors or those being treated for cancer, an annual flu shot is a simple step toward protecting against serious (and avoidable) complications.