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  • Cancer Stories: How We Make Sense of Cancer March 22, 2018
    Language English March 22, 2018lidia.schapiraIn this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira writes about the power of storytelling in cancer care and how this led to the development of a podcast series with the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
  • Lo que necesita saber de los efectos secundarios de la inmunoterapia March 20, 2018
    Language Spanish March 20, 2018Laura.PorterLa American Society of Clinical Oncology y la National Comprehensive Cancer Network han trabajado en conjunto para ayudar a los médicos y a los pacientes a identificar y tratar efectos secundarios de la inmunoterapia antes de que tornen peligrosos. Laura Porter, médica y defensora de pacientes, describe los elementos que se […]
  • From Inspired to Involved: Why I Became a Breast Cancer Advocate March 15, 2018
    Language English March 15, 2018TeMaya.EatmonTeMaya Eatmon’s friendship with a fellow breast cancer patient inspired her in ways she never imagined possible. Learn how heartbreaking loss led to a life-changing role as an advocate.
  • What You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer March 13, 2018
    Language English March 13, 2018Jeffrey.MeyerhardtBeing diagnosed with colorectal cancer can be scary and confusing. Dr. Jeffrey Meyerhardt, an expert in colorectal cancer, describes the 4 questions that any newly diagnosed patient should ask.
  • “Your Stories” Podcasts: How Cancer Impacts Families March 8, 2018
    Language English March 8, 2018PATRA.WROTENThe Your Stories podcast series from ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation provides insight into what it’s like to conquer cancer from different viewpoints. The podcasts featured here touch on the many ways that cancer can affect a family.