Dedication To Sonya M. Daniel


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If you’ve never known how strong a woman could be, just look upon the life lived by this glorious spirit. A woman who loved through hurt, smiled through pain, and passed her remaining strength to others facing the same battles, struggling with similar issues and becoming a light through her darkest days.


If you’ve never known how tender a woman could be, continue to feel her life force through her works and her words…


…” God puts you in situations to elevate you”…


Since 2007 when first diagnosed with cancer, Sonya didn’t fall in despair; she rose to the challenge of this disease and chose life, love, and happiness in spite of her tears, pain, disappointments…


…”There is no time to waste looking back wishing on a star that no longer flickers. Accept reality and move on”…


And move on she did. Onto creating not one but two companies, the latter being an outreach to other single mothers trying to feed their children, while keeping the lights on; balancing treatments between school, preparing them for life while facing their own mortality.


If you’ve never known a fiery spirit, hold on. Her tongue could cut deeper than a knife, and her eyes could freeze you in your steps. Life may have knocked her down but never out. There was no sorrow in her tears for they cleansed her soul and helped her to reach out and rely on the One who would never leave or forsake you…


…”I look forward to the Sunrise,

The Breaking of Dawn

I will not give in

I will not give up

I will preserve and I will overcome this battlefield.”


Peace & Love


~Shanda Dixon

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