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  • Why Peer Support Is Important for People Coping With Cancer June 22, 2017
    Language English June 22, 2017lidia.schapiraIn this month’s From the Editor’s Desk, Dr. Schapira discusses peer support and how it can help patients and their caregivers manage the challenges that cancer brings.
  • 3 Tips on Writing About Your Cancer Experience June 20, 2017
    Language English June 20, 2017Andrea.HuttonIn this Voices on Cancer post, patient advocate and author Andrea Hutton talks about how to use writing to share your cancer experience with others.
  • How to Stop Bacteria From Ruining Your Summer Meal June 15, 2017
    Language English June 15, 2017Argyris.MagoulasPeople with cancer have higher risks of serious food-related illness from bacteria when temperatures rise. Learn how to prevent infections during warm days.
  • Cuando el cáncer ocasiona discriminación en el lugar de trabajo June 13, 2017
    Language Spanish June 13, 2017nicole.van.hoeyLas personas con cáncer pueden enfrentarse a muchos desafíos en el trabajo durante y después de un diagnóstico de cáncer y su tratamiento, incluida la discriminación sutil o directa. Aprenda cómo prevenir, identificar y manejar una posible discriminación en el trabajo.
  • What It’s Like Being a Patient Advocate in Europe June 7, 2017
    Language English June 7, 2017Gilliosa.SpurrierBernardIn this Voices on Cancer post, patient advocate Gilliosa Spurrier Bernard shares her experience advocating for people with melanoma in France.