Single Women In Motion Cancer Foundation, Inc (S.W.I.M) is a 501c3 charitable not-for-profit organization founded in the State of Florida in 2010. Sonya M. Daniel, a single mother who was diagnosed with Leioymosarcoma Cancer in 2007, founded the organization. Sonya formed the organization to empower single mothers with cancer by providing financial relief, resources and support services that will alleviate the stress accompanied by the disease. In October of 2014, Sonya went home to be with the Lord. Her daughter, Shaunré T. Clendinen, will continue Sonya’s legacy and organization along with the help and support of family and friends.

Throughout her experience in her battle against cancer, Sonya was very familiar with the financial hardships and stress single mothers face as they undergo cancer treatments. She found it extremely difficult and struggled to maintain her monthly household expenses and pay for basic human necessities while battling this deadly disease.  While residing in Miami, Florida, Sonya had to leave her three children with family and friends for extended days away from home to go to a specialized cancer center in Tampa, Florida.  Because of her circumstances, her focus remained solely on ways to provide for her children instead on treatment and recovery, which caused surmountable stress and frustration.  Her overwhelming feeling of helplessness from the lack of support systems that assist with basic living expenses led her to turn her struggles into a positive movement and was fully committed and dedicated to using her experience to help other single mothers in their fight against cancer.  The foundation provides services such as: financial relief, mentoring, nutrition counseling, social services referrals, community engagement, empowerment seminars, health/wellness and social activities to empower single mothers to continue to fight and maintain their households.


~ In Loving Memory of Sonya M. Daniel ~